About Judy

Mom life, with a twist!

All the struggles and joys of motherhood, but in a foreign land where illicit gestures and a speed round of Pictionary are often the best shot at finding out kind of meat I just bought. 

Adventure awaits... sometimes for hours on end.

We're seeing Europe, one poorly routed village at a time! Wait... what app told you take this ass backward country road? Umleitung? That wasn't on my app. Oh great, my data plan ran out this page will load in 6 months give or take. No matter, we we're lost an hour ago.

Aspiring to regain former fitness glory?

...Or in my case, wonder if this is the day  my trusty workout pants call it quits. I've made my bed (FYI it's a giant loaf of fresh bread heavily coated in butter slathered in honey), and now I lie in it. Join me on my journey to balance travel, motherhood, and desperately needed cocktails with the desire to fit in pants!