Leftovers? More like MOVE OVER!

Happy Day Two of Thanksgiving leftovers!

How you doin’, champ? Are you over the million ways to mix up the holiday sides? Potato pancakes, turkey sandwiches, wraps,  salad, and soups galore! It never ends, I know.  The good news about the leftovers I made for this feast is that they’re not limited to Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to give you a brief review of each, and a link to the recipes. This way, you can say, “Oh yeah… those are totally getting worked into my next meal!” … or, “WTH were you thinking jacking with the traditional holiday sides? Funky green bean casserole with canned cream of mushroom is where it’s at! Where are my candied yams?!”.

You be the judge and let me know if you’d miss those atrocities based on what you see here…

Thanksgiving Leftovers and sides

I give you sweet potato & jalapeno biscuits, cauliflower mash, warm brussels sprouts & cranberry salad, and caramelized onion & pork stuffing.

I’m a Pinterest recipe hound. If you’re interested in seeing these links in one place I’ve created a board named, Paleo Thanksgiving, bitches!. Feel free to follow that, and my other recipe boards for inspiration (PaleoTastic, and Zone Diet)!

First, the Jalapeno Sweet Potato Biscuits. PaleOMG created these, and the original recipe includes shrimp but I omitted that ingredient and doubled the jalapenos. Super tasty, even without the shrimp! Helpful tips:

  • Bake and serve immediately out of the oven. I finished them approximately 3 hours before the meal…. they went limp. I tried to revive them with another round in the oven for 10 min to stand them up a bit. FAIL. Serve piping hot. The one I tried right out of the oven was a potato cloud of wonderment!
  • I made twice the amount, which is good as we each ate 2-3 due to their teeny size. Double the recipe, trust me. We mashed the biscuit leftovers into breakfast wraps the next morning with the stuffing and a few egg whites. Boom.
  • For the fat, I used 1/2 bacon fat and 1/2 ghee. Stupid delicious.

Next the Cauliflower Mash. The instructions are straightforward, providing both russet potato instructions and how to sub in the cauliflower. I used ghee instead of butter, and light coconut milk instead of cow’s milk to provide flavor.  This took so little time! Thank god, since I was pretty drunk by the time I got around it. What?! Cooking is stressful. Booze calms the nerves….

Don’t forget the Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans!! Most veggie sides at Thanksgiving get no glory, that all goes to the bird or stuffing.  Dare I say it… but THIS one stole the show. I hogged these leftovers specifically, they were even better days later! The changes I made to ours?  I omitted the barely (due to gluten), added a few dried cranberries, and substituted blue cheese for gorgonzola. I’m making this OFTEN. Holiday or no.

Finally, the Carmelized Onion & Sausage Stuffing. Soooo NOT traditional stuffing because there was no bread and the goods weren’t shoved, then marinated up the bird’s hole. I’m good without that nonsense though. It was savory, and diverse in flavors! I gotta hand it to PaleOMG. <golf claps> These leftovers combined with egg whites made a filling breakfast the past two mornings, with or without a gluten-free wrap!

Overall, grain-free and mostly Paleo Thanksgiving went well. I was truly grateful for my parent’s willingness to try non-traditional sides for this uber traditional holiday! It was the PERFECT opportunity to try multiple grain-free recipes, see how well they kept as leftovers, and pass along the winnings TO YOU!

Grain Free Thanksgiving leftovers 2013

The full spread!

I hope your holiday was SPECTACULAR.

Lots of love,


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