Here in Germany, flowers are blumen. Which I LOVE. Not that it matters if I love that flowers are called blumen, but its truly is the perfect word. It’s what flowers do, bloom. The act of blooming is a beautiful thing, a new beginning! Near our home there are small fields planted with signage that […]

Blumen: It’s a new day, it’s a new life

It’s bbbbbaaaack. The great white winter is finally upon our doorstep. Forecasted bigger and badder, the blizzard and historic snowfall hitting the DC area this weekend has those in the Mid-Atlantic creating new names for the epic storm. Those being hashtagged on Instagram right now include #SnowlySchnit, #snOMG and #snowzilla (clearly I’m a […]

Snowly Schnit

I’ve been listening to far too much Taylor Swift, it’s a fact. This post is proof. Here comes all the schmoop, it’s pretty disgusting and saccharin sweet and so totally not me that I have to purge it. So. I discovered something and this kind of information seems important to share with […]

Unicorns exist

Well here begins the journey, once again. If you’re viewing the entirely new look of the site and are wondering what’s happened to the vast content, there’s a reason for the reconstruction. I’d like to pretend this rebuilding stems from the concept of a fresh start in the new year. In my case, […]

A new life… a new J is For Judy!